The Linden Method – Total Recovery From High Anxiety Conditions


The Linden Method is the only accredited, dedicated, anxiety disorder recovery therapy.

bg3Always there when you need it, loaded with reassurance, support, guidance, tips and tools… developed by me to provide what I would have wanted when I was anxious.

charles linden method appThe Linden Method App is a must for anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD and PTSD suffers.

“After what I experienced over 27 years of suffering, creating this app from my program, The Linden Method, was the next evolution in mobile apps for anxiety sufferers and it has become an amazing resource that has helped so many on their journey to anxiety disorder freedom.” Charles Linden

We will tell you what to do today to remove your disorder feast, scientificaly and with ease. You’ll love it.

The support team are amazing; all ex sufferers, all qualified mental health practitioners; all with years of experience helping people like you to recover.

The Linden Method app contains simple to use but effective tools to use to address and overcome anxiety, including:

  • The Full Linden Method program - Recovery resources to use anywhere.
  • The childhood anxiety recovery version - For ages 5-16
  • Unlimited, qualified support - From qualified recovery practitioners
  • Recovery videos, webinars and resources - To access wherever you are
  • Panic Attack TalkDown – Talking you down from a panic attack before it takes hold
  • Anxiety StopWatch – A simple technique to deactivate inappropriate fear
  • Anxiety BreatheRight – Teaching you to use your breath to relax and prevent panic
  • Journey out of Agoraphobia – A structured 5 day approach to overcoming agoraphobia

View the features and you’ll see that TLM App is a must no matter how severe your anxiety might be.

bg1With The Linden Method Junior Edition pre-loaded in the app, young people, from 7 to 17, will love the recordings and relaxations that have been developed by Charles especially for them. Charles knows what it is to suffer throughout childhood and well into adulthood, so he has designed these apps to deliver exactly what he would have needed back then in order to make a full and permanent recovery.

Just plug in your headphones and sit back whilst Charles talks you through the most simple instruction on how to do today what will make you feel much better tomorrow. Whether you are in a taxi, onĀ  a bus, on a long journey or sat at home feeling anxious, panicky, agoraphobic, or are having irrational thoughts… there is something to address all anxiety symptoms and thoughts within the TLM app.


Enabled for any operating system, mobile device or computer